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Let me introduce to you the worlds most powerful Forex Trading Strategy [Algorithm based] - 4xPulse NDfx.
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We at 4xPulse believe that financial independence can be achieved through non-traditional way.  If you lived in medieval era you could by wealthy if you were born to a monarch or a wealthy family or you could build wealth by establishing industry.    A truly wealthy person is who has access to ever growing funds & has time & energy to enjoy the said funds.  A decent job these days can give you better than average lifestyle, however can never make you wealthy.

With the advent of technology you do not need huge investment to be wealthy just a moment of decision can completely change your fate for ever.. .. ..  it’s about the alternative investment in the international currency & bullion markets.

After years of research and putting all our skills & knowledge on test, I have developed a very unique tool which trades on the international currency & bullion markets.  The 4xPulse - NDfx algorithm is designed to generate consistent & moderate returns month after month under any market conditions.  Yes, this is truly revolutionary and hard to believe, but I assure you this is something you will not afford to give a pass.

I believe this can contribute significantly to your wealth-building goals. I promise, as your partner in success, I will never let you down. I want you to have the information you need to make the decision yourself, for helping you achieve your financial freedom.

On that note, it is my great pleasure to announce our investment plans:

Investment Plans:

Standard Acct
Premium Acct
Starting Ticket Size
Profit Share
50% *
35% *
Fund Management Fees
0.50% pm 
0.50% pm 

* Profit Split: You retain 100% of the profits in FREE look period.   
  FREE Look Period shall be of 30days from the day account is funded.
We shall not take any share in profits[during FREE look period] however Fund   Management fees shall be applicable & paid @0.50% pm at the beginning of the FREE       Look period. 

NOTE: The investors funds remain in investors own account with our execution broker. We do NOT accept funds in our Name.

General Terms & Conditions:
ÄThe Profit Share shall be applicable based on the investor’s decision, which account he/she wants to choose from.
ÄOur request to investors is to withdraw monthly profits, however if anybody wish to go for compounding, the Profit Share split shall be applicable on the watermark levels.
Ä The funds remain in the investors own account and are in complete control with the investor, only trading rights are passed on to Fund Manager for trading the account by Limited Power of Attorney[LPoA]
Ä Settlement  monthly ie end of every month the profits shall be subject to administration of Profit Share split.

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