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Saturday 24 December 2011

Non-Directional - spot Forex(NDfx) a revolutionary Forex Trading Algorithm

Does your trading style require you to predict where the market will go in order for you to make money?   If yes, you are in deep trouble as NO one can predict where the market is heading no matter how sophisticated your methods or software are!!

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One can trade small account size[few grands] taking directional bets using Technical tools, However if you have to trade the ticket say $100k or above [few millions/billions] the quality of Risk has to alter significantly. NDfx is scalable to manage the risk of various ticket sizes. It can handle few grands to few billion with ease.
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Having traded Options for a decade; I proudly present a new trading approach to making money without having to predict the market.  A Non-Directional strategy for spot Forex market.

What is Non-Directional?
It simply means - market neutral ie. it is not direction bias; the direction of the market does not matter. The positions are taken without any view on the market, hence the potential to profit does not depend on whether the underlying will go upwards or downwards. The correct neutral strategy to employ depends on the expected volatility of the underlying.

"Losing Money becomes a very difficult thing in Non Directional Trading Strategy"

What is NDfx?:
Ä  NDfx is developed fundamentally from the core concept of Options Strategies -   combination of Straddle and Delta Hedging.

Ä  Unlike directional strategies which yields profit only at single point(Target Profit), NDfx has dual point profit zone; whichever level is taken out the trade cycle is closed with profits.

Ä   NDfx effectively "traps" a currency within a value range from which it is difficult for the underline to escape without handing over a profit. No matter WHAT direction the currency moves...you earn profits with immense statistical probability working in your favor.

Ä   NDfx is not intended to make anyone millionaire overnight or weeks. It is designed to yield constant cash flow over years. 

As we all know the currencies movement beyond a very small range is not trust worthy, hence predicting any movement and trading based on such prediction is futile as the currencies DO change in value every minute of every day in the forex market.

NDfx is about mathematical inevitability; statistical probability combined with causal effect. Principles of mathematics pioneered originally and documented initially by Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr in their early study of quantum physics. These mathematical principles remain true when applied to forex. This is why the NDfx system works.

NDfx deploy short volatility-based strategies (This is not the traditional trend following CTA-style).  The strategy is the dynamic hedging of undervalued (similar to delta hedging in options) where the currency pairs that exhibit rising actual volatility but no clear directional trend. 

This strategy on its own offer excellent diversification effects to a more traditional trend following program. The Algorithm is designed to identify the currencies that are likely to break out of a range, hence the returns tend to be positively correlated to trend  following programs but  have less initial risk because on initiation it has a  non-directional bias.

The NDfx strategy can handle higher ticket size with ease.